Monday, June 15, 2015

Bee Tree Removal from Charlotte Court House, VA

An expanding flower garden along the edge of the woods uncovers this bee tree

Tree cut and the home owner used his tractor to load the log

I had to bring in the vacuum system to clean out the stump

The log has had 3 blocks cut off to shorten the length to open

Cuts were made with the chain saw. Leaf blower was used to remove sawdust

Both cuts have been split to open


Lots of bees on both sides

Framed brood

Cut Out in Phenix, VA

Yes, I am in the bucket of the front end basket today

This colony is a 2015 spring swarm invasion

All white comb. Some was very, very soft.

Cut Out in Halifax, VA with a JLG Z Boom 120ft

This is going to be our toy for the day.

Jay and Pete have opened and cleaned out the debris

This basket is large enough for 2 workers and the vacuum equipment

Jay is putting baton insulation in to file the void area

This is closed and finished

Moving to the other side of the house for shade in the afternoon

we have switched out, and I am in the basket

Switched back, and Jay is closing up

Pete is at the controls

We are now back on the side where we started

Pete and I are working this cut out

Porch Column Cut Out

We transported the column with a tee shirt wrapped over this end

A skill saw was used to make the cuts on each side.

Opened and lots of bees

Great brood pattern

Brood comb placed in the frame and secured with rubber bands

The queen was spotted and captured

Blue dot marks the queen